(Based on songs by Herbie Hancock and Ray Charles.)


I thought it was you. I thought it was you.

I thought that I knew. My love was for you.

I thought it was true. Most certainly, you.

I thought it was you. Only there for you.


Tell me what I say. Tell me what I say.

What I say, right now. Tell me what I say.

Tell me what I say. Please don’t go away.

Ah …. Ah …. Oh …. Oh … Ah, Ah, Oh, Oh, Okay


Tell me what I say. Tell me what I say.

Tell your Ma; Tell your Pa, I was so sure

Alright.. Okay.. Alright.. What can I say.

Tell me what I say. What I say for sure.


I thought it was you. Could only be you.

Wanted so much, you. Only, only you.


A genius. Genius, that’s for sure.

For working out how to succeed with you.

I’ve chosen you. It’s you who I adore.

Unlocking your heart is incredible.


Pure brilliance. Brilliance, that’s for sure.

It certainly was not predictable.

Against all the odds, it’s me who you’re for.

Turning on that light is incredible.


Elation. Feel elation, that’s for sure.

As I think you are incomparable.

Happiness, ‘cos you’re what love is made for.

And to share with me is incredible.


Incredible that had the luck to score.

Genius or not, brill’ant that’s for sure.


(based on song by Coolio.)

Been spending most ‘our lives in a bankers’

paradise. Been spending most of our lives

in a paradise; gambling for bankers’.

In taxes, debt and high costs, ‘pay our tythes.


Tell me why oh why. Oh why must it be

that the ones who get hurt are you and me.

It’s not a paradise for you or me.

Should not be run for bankers’, don’t you see.


Tell me why are we too slow to believe

that we are the ones, they’ve gone and deceived.

They’re only for their own personal greed.

So letting them loose, good sense did exceed.


Been spending most ‘ our lives in a bankers’

paradise. Taken for fools, to thank us.


Dangerously deceptive. Devious.

Although admit, wanted to believe her.

She was being much more than mischievous.

Now, think of her as Diva deceiver.


First thought of her as Diva delicious,

and that what was between us would please her.

But then I got more and more suspicious.

Found out she was a Diva deceiver.


She wanted much more than I could give her.

Seems that she took me for a complete fool.

Thought she was mine, but Diva deceiver

had other plans cunningly deceitful.


Shock, when discovered could not believe her.

Found out she was a Diva deceiver.


I’m under great pressure to get it right.

Don’t want to lose you into the dark night.

Don’t have to show you that I’m erudite,

but can communicate with you alright.


I’m feeling that the situation’s tense.

Don’t want you to get bored, or take offense.

For a great future, this now seems immense.

So I do need a little eloquence.


It’s the prospect of Love that’s exciting.

Special relationship with you starting.

Thinking of it as real, makes my heart sing.

Hate the idea of so soon parting.


So, dreadful if lose you to the dark night.

It’s why pressure’s on me to get it right.


I guess I see the writing’s on the wall

and this life with you will be over soon.

Not so long ago, I was riding tall.

But the fall plays to a different tune.


Beginning to see writing on the wall.

‘Says, our time together will be over.

‘Can hardly bear you not with me at all.

But a love affair only goes so far.


So, the writing is on the wall, alright.

Soon, now, it will be time to say goodnight

and goodbye. We’ll have given up the fight.

When next we meet, will simply be polite.


Gone, then, the love we had. I’ll lose it all.

Can see it now, the writing’s on the wall.


Hoping to see her. Dying for her love.

She is the one that I’ve been dreaming of.

With her, could easily be hand in glove.

Without her love around, life’s not enough.


She is lovely, my Lily Marlena.

Deserves a terrific song about her.

With the music, maybe could explain more.

She is the one I love. What my life’s for.


‘Though there is much trouble. ‘Though there is war.

Remember it’s Lily who I adore.

Underneath the lamplight ‘ makes my heart soar

By the barrack gate. For her, I endure.


Love Lily Marlena. See her again.

A child of heaven, my Lily Marlene.


(pastiche of a song, Uptown Girl, by Billy Joel.)

What I do is manual. Physical.

Blue collar worker. Am available,

for the heavy or oily tasks. On call.

Working the machine, a near miracle.


With my model girl, though, I am laid back.

Take her out for a ride and bring her back.

Perhaps, even for a day at the track.

Or where we show her off. Make an impact.


She seems to like it that I’m a strong man.

I like her showing she’s a real woman.

A good outcome for us, that is the plan.

As, when together, we’re pretty awesome.


Not laboring under an illusion.

Working class guy and model girl, twosome.


(based on song, The Sign by Ace of Base.

Songsters: Buddha – Berggren, Malin/Berggren, Jenny/Joker.)

I recognize me. Hardly believe it.

Recognize my drawn face on reflection.

Too late to think “How can I retrieve it”?

Will try to avoid others detection.


Get a new life, if I recognize it.

Can’t avoid the line ‘Your new life starts now’.

What I have been, just anaethetise it.

But getting across, I’d like to know how.


Looking back, it was all too demanding,

insisting ‘never gonna give you up’.

But I am not without understanding.

To not hold on any more, fair enough.      


Sing along, as if it’s all one big song,

to ‘Step into the world where you belong’.