What is it that constitutes ‘beautiful’ in words,

so that they flow in eloquence.

Maybe virtually impossible

to achieve the desired elegance.


Can a form of words be like a painting

with discernable image and colours.

Aesthetic extra, anticipating.

The quality enjoyed by art lovers.


Evocation of the elegiac.

Invocation of essence spiritual

Add to it an element of magic.

Avoiding anything inimical.


Reaching for those words as a conscious choice

for a poem of beauty from my voice.


Right to say, I feel for you intensely.

A strong sensual desire I am feeling.

Let’s call it what it is – appetency.

My wish to be with you, I’m revealing.


All of my senses alert, immensely.

That’s the reaction you bring out of me.

Let’s call it what it is – appetency.

To you, love song to sing’s the strategy.


You certainly present elegantly.

I sense that we could do well together.

Can call it what it is – appetency.

My desire for you promises pleasure.


Like it all the way to intimacy.

Can call it what it is – appetency.



For a song, you have to feel like singing.

For lyrical poem, sublimity,

with some blessed inspiration bringing.

Good feeling about  …, in proximity.


But I can’t bring forth a musical sound.

Or strike a chord, as I have no right note.

Or speak of incredible beauty found,

if depressive thoughts source of what, then, wrote.


Although may construct fine verse from a death.

Or from horror of love unrequited.

Even, perhaps, from complete loss of faith.

Words to sing from that. Erudite, that said.


Long for a song, lips can happily pout.

Debouch. Large happening from narrow mouth.


Alanthus Altissima. Climbable?

A tree. The Tree of Heaven. Reachable?

If I could fly, it take no time at all’.

As steadily go up, do risk a fall.


Remarkable that higher than the wall,

which I have never scaled when on the ground.

Over and above, a sighting, but small.

A black, barren landscape when looking down.


To the heady height where the branches thin

and green leaves lessen. Light here. Light above.

If dropped now, doubt that could again begin.

At the top’s, surely, citadel of love.


Miracle to reach so high in the tree.

Heaven-bound wonderment, the hope of me.


What if a player is manumitted.

Left out of Manchester United’s team?

Male pointed out who, in part, committed?

Boyfriend presented with gloves it may seem.


None of these. They’re just cryptic crossword clues.

The act of a slave freed by their owner

the correct meaning. The right one to choose.

Becoming free is what the word’s known for.


Although, acknowledge it’s pretty obscure.

And, released man might still be limited

in terms of hierarchical place, for sure.

Not on par with ‘elite, inherited’.


Free, but not necessarily equal.

Advancing to trade, but the class feudal.


I feel in some way that manumitted.

Freed from certain required obligations.

Being restricted in what’s permitted.

Hides largely unspoken implications.


Unmentioned, but age a limitation.

Deemed retired from useful activity.

Without authority, irritation.

From importance, lost connectivity


In the world of politics and status,

within that milieu my worth was shattered.

The damage to my respect seemed greatest.

From then on, only my closest mattered.


Now, freedom to live anonymously.

Free to think and act autonomously


Pistil potential, clustered together.

Seeded centerpiece of a sunflower.

The next stage, future on to forever.

It’s quite simply a natural power.


Fully assembled in the plant’s structure.

to await conditions to germinate.

Earth, light, rain, sun; bird or bee conductor.

Thrives best planted in ground, and can aerate.


The eggs awaiting fertilization,

in ovaries until maturity.

One, two, more maybe, improvisation.

Along the way, growing security.


There, the process of regeneration

By pollination or impregnation.


Within the dark matter, immanency.

Mental conception of Pantheism.

God is Universe, immeasurably.

A personality’s fatalism.


What is not standard causes creation.

Or else matter would be immiscible.

Intelligence, then, an instigation.

Incapable if immitigable.


Another case of ‘ghost in the machine’.

Original thought to put to the mind.

Problematic putting God in the scheme.

More, irritant leaving nothing behind.


Mixing. Living off the bland. Mutating.

But to call it God I find frustrating.


Imagination’s an important word.

Inspiration, too, is remarkable.

Incredibly, could even be absurd.

Ingenuity, made excitable.


Extraordinary the thoughts in mind.

Elaborations that are extensive.

Enormity of some stories designed.

Egotistical, perhaps offensive.


Initiatives to be beneficial.

Integrating and co-ordinating.

Innovation, may be influential.

Indicating all sorts stimulating.


Understanding what it is that I know.

Engaging the brain to put on a show.