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    Oh my my, spying by America.

    Oh my my, Oh. There in America.

    Dear oh dear. Stasi in America.

    My oh my. Problem with America.


    Why oh why? Panic by America.

    Why oh why. Oh. Troubled America.

    Oh my my. List’ning by America.

    My oh my. Spying by America.


    How does it feel ….. to be so paranoid.

    How does it feel ….. such xenophobia.

    What a waste it is. Surely should avoid.

    What a mess they’re in. Their dystopia.


    My oh my. Spying by America.

    Oh my my. Oh. Sad for America.


    ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’.

    His, by Rome’s authority for thieving.

    But is the next line, too, a deceiver?

    ‘Render to God, what’s God’s’, if believe in.


    Is this theft too of one’s soul and spirit?

    Compliance. Required obedience.

    Devote or have to face his wrath. Fear it.

    He takes, for some, whole life experience.


    Told to give whole being up, to worship.

    But for what purpose is inscrutable.

    Hallucinate at times like a drug trip

    when meaninglessness seems immutable.


    ‘though I think much of it’s social control,

    it’s brain’s quest for permanence, through the soul.