Introducing The Sonnet Man
The Second Edition

Here it is, all new Todmorden sonnets.

More poems of mine for the public gaze.

Chosen ones now upon this website fit.

And, for as long as the bills are paid, stays.

Again, there are those which may seem quirky,

or could be thought of, by some, as morbid.

Romantic verse, maybe prefer to see

or political ones which lift the lid.

They are the thoughts that occupied my mind;

turned to poetry with suitable rhymes.

Presented to you in the hope you’ll find

one or two speak to you, between the lines.

If that is so, I will think it just grand;

On this second site of The Sonnet Man.

Additional Editions

I have now written over 5,000 sonnets in the last 13 years.
Just over 1000 of those can be read on my 10 websites.

What Is a Sonnet?

A Sonnet is a poem, but with a specific structure and derives from the Italian word “sonnetto”, meaning “little song”.

Mine follow the pattern of 14 lines, 10 syllables a line,
and the rhyming pattern for verses of    –    abab   cdcd   efef   gg.

If you like words, word games and poetry, try constructing a sonnet on such a basis for yourself. Good luck.

Are These Sonnets Copyrighted?

Like the sonnets on my other websites, the ones on this one are my intellectual property.
However, I would be happy for any to be used, as felt fit,
provided they are accredited to The Sonnet Man or the relevant website address.

I can be contacted by the email address:

No insulting or irrelevant ones please. They will be deleted.
There may be a delay in my responding, but I will do so, eventually.

Sonnet Photographs

To write so many is incredible.

Trying to capture the cobweb of thoughts.

Like them to remain impressionable.

In poetry form, photographs of sorts.


Select just a few to put on display,

in case feedback is not encouraging.

Yet my colourful mind is not all grey.

Evocative snapshots, they’re resembling.


From the box camera within my head.

Shutters opened on an internal view.

Camcorder processing some aspects said.

Digitally letting my thoughts come through.


Connection to network for all to see.

Framed pictures, historically from me.