“What going on? Thought I saw a shadow

Subtle movement. Did I imagine it?”

Unpredictable, not like the tarot.

“Not there when I sought to examine it.


Was it you, then, coming back from the dead?”

Was the mystery something personal?

A flicker of recognition, instead,

saying I should consult an oracle.


Settle down again. It’s passed, the moment.

Disown the stirring from the strange presence.

Just a little atmospheric foment.

Thought it was, for a short while, my essence.


But I am still here, and am not dead yet.

Communicate with you, do not forget.


It is truly astonishing. The Ape

advancing to where, and who, we are now.

Sort of evolutionary escape.

Which remains rather hard to explain how.


Eyes must have helped, to see dangers and hide.

Holding a weapon made with a sharp point.

Dug holes in the earth to trap prey inside.

Fire for warmth. Homes for cover. Living joint,


with others for mutual protection.

Planting, growing and animal rearing.

Surviving, overall, from infection.

Opportunities, plenty, appearing.


Less chance that predators decimate us.

And our better brains, the really big plus.


Is there a jingle jangle of lost souls?

The ‘forgotten’ cause tiny bells to toll.

Sort of forgiving as the tinkling rolls.

Blessing every one whilst plays to whole.


Are wind chimes instruments of redemption?

Giving voice to those who have been banished.

Reconnecting sweetly, the intention

With this light, fresh, joyful sound, not famished.


Do musical notes stay on after heard?

Maybe for a brief, passive resonance.

Can this to the departed be inferred?

Allowing completion’s due deference.


Can lost souls be acknowledged by living?

Hearing the jingle jangle’s their giving.


Invention of Replacement Therapy.

A psychological mentality.

To identify cause of enmity.

Whether or not there inevitably.


And try to bring about its displacement.

Recognize its forceful resilience.

Anger and hatred given space to vent.

But with full rein, a bad experience.


So utilize a method to expunge.

At least mitigate the damaging thoughts.

Think of it as contents of a squeezed sponge.

Clean water rinse will lessen what distorts.


Try purely to secure integrity.

Using my brain cell soaking fantasy.


Capture the question for considering.

What it is that’s at the back of my mind.

Something connected to contributing.

Like an abortive web page search , out timed.


Aware of mystery to understand.

Comprehend, should it become crystal clear.

But, uncommunicated on broadband.

Maybe it’s too delicate; too sincere.


An enigma , what one could be thinking.

Obscure, obtuse, or perhaps in disguise.

An answer of sorts is what I’m seeking.

Short, but still meaningful; word to the wise.


It’s about me and the world around too.

The question is, ‘can it really be true?’


Already forgotten in his lifetime.

A wandering Jew who has been excised.

No reason worth giving. Left with the rhyme.

On palm of his hand, the life-line revised.


Old presence dismissed historically.

Unconsidered. Therefore a non-person.

Put as unknown, categorically.

Official version, and no incursion.


An exile, to endure the wilderness.

With a tribe, ‘though he just does not know them.

Carry on, forward. Forget. Don’t regress.

Similar to zombies. Is one of them.


What exactly is the new, promised land?

Writing on the stone, try to understand.


A proton pops. Appears, then disappears.

Reappears again in another spot.

But that pop into intensity tears.

A Black Hole is breached a mite, then a lot.


This new explanation for the Big Bang

claims massive release from condensed nothing.

At that moment, it’s argued, time began.

Energy creating everything.


Forms of Mass. Solids, liquids, gases, heat.

Positive, into the negative space.

Attempting a Cosmology complete.

Current Mind’s theory searching for this place.


The beginning. Proton caused explosion.

Creation’s father. All, then, unfrozen.


What demons follow me into my bed

then agitate for space within my head?

Pressing their alternate to sleep, instead.

Bringing with them thoughts of troubles and dread.


They’re worse than an infestation of fleas.

Biting. Making me a target with ease.

Cause for concern, the jumping sprite agrees,

that I might succumb to my enemies.


Into their routine, now, which could last long.

I have been weak, getting many things wrong.

Put myself at risk by singing that song.

Angry? Come out fighting when hear the gong.


Invite them to just be .., with me .., in bed.

Disruption calms down here when all is said.


Join the mind to the elusive spirit.

If any impediment, then clear it.

Meditative state; try to get near it.

Silence, even as the words flow. Hear it.


Time allowed to pass in contemplation.

Prepares the ground for imagination.

Travel starts, not knowing destination.

Along the way, there’s improvisation.


Spirit, with fortune, will make itself known.

Induce a lively mind, creatively.

Cultivate potential, so it is grown.

And this brought about quite instinctively.


An enigma, but is accessible.

Brings a quality, inestimable.