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"politics is life through a lens"



In a classroom, enrolled for a day course.

Adult Education Institution,

I heard new Marxism from a great source.

Ralph Miliband blew away illusions.


The limits of late capitalism,

creates a smaller, global ruling class.

Virtues he expounds in Socialism,

benefit all when supported by us.


In the thick of hot  theoretical

debate, he and the French philosophers,

Poulanzas, Althusser. Political

power through agency or structures first?


What individuals do matters, he meant.

Not engaged to effect, disappointment.


P 10



I dreamt I met the spirit of Joe Hill

“I never died” said he, “I never died”.

Come to inspire me; to strengthen my will.

“Those tormentors of me” said he, “they lied”.


Said Joe’s spirit “Go on to organize.”

“Because you know” said he, “I never died”.

Their gruesome tactic is to terrorise.

“But they cannot defeat yours, or my, pride”.


I swear I saw Joe Hill, still in his prime.

Said Joe to me “Our spirits will survive”.

We resist, and resist, them; then in time

we return, and show we are still alive.


“Thanks Joe” I said, “for being by my side”.

“I never died” said he, “I never died”.


P 11



So many uprooted by slavery.

Stolen away from Mother Africa.

Tormented by the white mans’ larceny.

Sold for work, after forced to travel far.


Did not receive, for their labour, fair pay.

Just herded and fed as if animals.

And the ill left to die along the way.

The weak and disliked, too. Few miracles.


Then the arduous, murderous working,

with punishments so brutal and unjust.

Scars inflicted, often for life, hurting.

And lynchings, to bring fear in the disgust.


Women raped. Lives broke. Names gone. Misery.

To survive all of that took bravery.


P 12





Disagreement about the Pope’s action

when, in Argentina, senior Priest.

Work with the poor claimed with satisfaction.

Alms, and spiritual aid, through him, increased.


No dispute as a generality,

until it’s claimed he told those favela

folk, that for their spirituality’

‘rid Devil from your lives, must endeavour’.


That certainly annoyed me a great deal,

as the context in which he argued this

was, where stolen children were unrevealed,

the missing, the murders, the brutal fist.


To rout out Evil there was a strong case.

He looked for the Devil in the wrong place.


P 13




A revelation in riotousness

Punk prayer in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Reveling in defying piousness.

Irreverent song to make a priest burst.


Bold show by the three young, bolshie, women.

Anarchic, in their way, by the altar.

Subjecting ritual to revision.

Dance distortion by each lively daughter.


So, of course, they are branded hooligans.

Charged and convicted, ‘criminal offence.

Prison to punish their ebullience.

Unforgiving, church, state, to irritants.


Their act was not a cause for disquiet.

Wrong, crucifixion of Pussy Riot.


P 14




I find them so primitive, Religions.

Not that values espoused are not worthy.

This core belief deserves my derision.

“Heaven or Hell as end of the journey”.


Fundamentalism is pathetic.

Missionaries take up ‘flat’ position.

‘Flat Earth’ that is, about which emphatic.

Bad faiths’ inevitable collision.


And they’re dictatorships of the righteous.

In the right. Good. All else deemed as evil.

It is an attitude that’s obnoxious.

Abuse of power, those priests do reveal.


A lot secular is not much better.

But, at least, not pretend ‘live forever’.


P 15




River blindness. Bacteria effect.

Unsighted by the water pollution.

Children are affected. Should not accept.

Their safety should be in constitution.


The rise of malformities in new born.

Attributed to weapons used in war.

Depleted Uranium, then, deforms

Child lives’ damaged, is what force has in store.


On top of this, the ongoing hunger.

Deprivation and poverty extreme.

Young ones’ development put asunder.

Broken and bent bodies and bones, it means.


Even aspiration has detractors.

Young’s fate down to political factors.


P 16




The assaults on Fallujah were war crimes.

Repeated attacks on civilians.

Women and children’s lives not worth a dime.

Spending the ‘reconstruction’ millions.


People killed in mosque, school and their own home.

Earlier protest was met with bullets.

Now with automatic machine guns roamed.

Marines murdering. All their chiefs knew it.


Snipers strafed streets at anything that moved.

All ambulances had bullet holes in.

Murders, by the highest levels approved.

Stopping those from the city escaping,


the British troops. Crime collaborators.

Aided ‘resident exterminators’.

P 17




Imagine book “Love and Humanity”.

A world history as we should know it.

Human kind, not human insanity.

The closest to heaven here below it.


Content to make connections of respect,

mutual regard and equality.

Help for each other as one would expect.

Efforts could eliminate poverty.


War would no longer be perpetual.

Greed not be systemized or encouraged.

A better world more than conceptual.

Those who promote this, praised for their courage.


Individuals less lonely, and cared for.

And for lovers, babies. All our hearts soar.

P 18