The Sonnet Man



Here it is, all new Todmorden sonnets.

More poems of mine for the public gaze.

Chosen ones now upon this website fit.

And, for as long as the bills are paid, stays.


Again, there are those which may seem quirky,

or could be thought of, by some, as morbid.

Romantic verse, maybe prefer to see

or political ones which lift the lid.


They are the thoughts that occupied my mind;

turned to poetry with suitable rhymes.

Presented to you in the hope you’ll find

one or two speak to you, between the lines.


If that is so, I will think it just grand;

On this second site of The Sonnet Man.

Another Chapter

The Sonnet Man

"Enjoy & share"

Copyright The Sonnet Man 2014



To write so many is incredible.

Trying to capture the cobweb of thoughts.

Like them to remain impressionable.

In poetry form, photographs of sorts.


Select just a few to put on display,

in case feedback is not encouraging.

Yet my colourful mind is not all grey.

Evocative snapshots, they’re resembling.


From the box camera within my head.

Shutters opened on an internal view.

Camcorder processing some aspects said.

Digitally letting my thoughts come through.


Connection to network for all to see.

Framed pictures, historically from me.


Antique photo albums II

In this second edition of published works the Sonnet Man brings you thoughts and observations to ponder. For the first edition please click here as ever all feedback gratefully received at


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